Julius & Ludwig & Maximilian

We started our own fashion label 10 years ago, and since then we’ve all worked with different projects and companies. We have a profound knowledge of the creative industry through our work for global fashion brands and as photographers, and we also bring in a deep understanding of business. We are brothers. We trust each other. We love each other. Forever.

Dirk (Fashion Photographer)

Dirk Bader is fashion photographer with his heart and soul. He shoots covers for Vogue, photographs for Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and Chanel. Dirk has a unique sense of style, which he developed during his time working for David LaChapelle or Peter Lindbergh. He uses his skill-set and creativity to improve our platform and contributes to our source for inspiration #INSPO. Besides that, Dirk also gives valuable tips on how to optimise your MMOODDEELL profile.


Miriam (H&M Artist)

Miriam has built her own beauty empire with Jacks Beauty Department, MUD Studio (make-up school) and working as national make-up artist for L’Oréal Paris. As a serial entrepreneur with an outstanding view on fashion, beauty and style, Miriam gives creative input to MMOODDEELL and teaches models the necessary know-how to further push their career.

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Tobias (Creative Advisor)

Tobias is creative mastermind, founder and CEO of WERBEWELT – an advertising agency for premium and fashion brands. His heart beats for fashion and style. He has an advanced understanding of technology and trends and knows exactly, what the requirements for campaigns and models are. Together with Tobias we constantly rethink MMOODDEELL and develop it to match the market. Discover Tobias Instagram Stream and get inspired.

Winston (Model)

Winston Kletter models for leading fashion and beauty brands, photographs for international magazines and surfs the world’s most dangerous waves in Hawaii. He knows the modeling industry like no one else. Winston supports us with his know-how and gives feedback to new applications. Read more about Winston on his story.

Lars (Lifestyle Photographer)

Lifestyle Photographer Lars Borges’ style meets the zeitgeist of authentic moments and personal Instagram stories. Lars shoots for Adidas, Neon, Galeries Lafayettes and many more. He supports us with his contemporary style and impact to further develop MMOODDEELL.

We believe in the impact of personality

That’s why clients and models communicate directly on MMOODDEELL, share their thoughts and present their personality through Instagram. That’s improving the match and the final product.

The new modeling industry

Back in the 80s, our dad (Marketing Manager) flew First Class with his agency to the photo shooting. Honestly, how often does this still exist?

They still exist, the glamorous jobs with bling-bling and nearly never ending budget. But they are rare. The real #modellife is different. 1. The amount of shootings and productions are increasing 2. Shootings are more spontaneous 3. Budgets for productions are decreasing 4. The requirements for models are skyrocketing (e.g. video for Social Media) 5. Personality and reach are getting more and more important rather than reliance on just looks.

The entire modeling cycle is going faster than ever. Social Media and eCommerce always demand new content.

In our daily work we feel that conventional processes can’t adjust to this speed: Too many intermediaries make model booking complex and slow. Clients want to be more and more involved in the screening and model booking. A static sedcard with few post-edited images don’t show who the model really is. Clients search for authentic people that represent their brand.

Nothing shows your personal story, your character, and your personality better than your Instagram Feed.