fair model booking

“When you’re a supermodel like Giselle or Christy Turlington you’re treated like royalty, but 99% of models are treated like garbage,” – Carolyn Kramer, former agency executive

The modeling industry is famous for making headlines with eating disorders, drug abuse or sexual harassment. However, the problems go beyond that. Dear models: Don’t let others exploit you. Modeling is about art and about your professional performance in front of the camera or on the catwalk. Do not sell yourself for cheap. We stand for fair and direct model booking. That’s why we took action in creating this codex, which all MMOODDEELL members – and all outside people of the industry – should understand and agree to.



Models are artists and create value through their personal performance and character. If you book a model, you are booking a professional service. This process has two parties. The client (e.g. photographer or brand) and the service provider (model). However, both parties need a way to connect. That’s where traditional modeling agencies or in our case MMOODDEELL as a powerful online platform join the game. These intermediaries should not take fees from the model. The client gets the value of the intermediary by providing him help with finding the right model. The model does not get any added value, other than getting the job. So why should models be billed? That’s not fair and not usual in other industries. That’s why MMOODDEELL is completely free of charge for models.


Travel & Accommodation

On MMOODDEELL, trips and hotels are generally booked by the model. You’re happy about your trip to New York or London? We’re too! But you should not live in small model houses or even worst, at your clients’ place. In general, you can book your travels by yourself and decide by yourself where you want to stay. That gives you the necessary security and independence. Of course there are exceptions, where you get an accommodation provided by the client.



We check every member on MMOODDEELL personally. Doesn’t matter if you are a photographer, stylist, model or casting director – everybody has to have a professional background in the industry. We guarantee models and clients the necessary safety and professionalism to work together on a project. We provide you with a save environment but want you to keep in mind to check every job offer by yourself and only accept it, if you’re feeling good with it. Models are professional artists, not objects. We stand for secure model booking.



We all have around 100 years on this planet – at best. We should use this time to live a healthy and fulfilled life. Nobody should hunger for their jobs. Besides, you can only be successful if you’re feeling good and if you are yourself. Especially commercial clients do care for a healthy lifestyle. As a model, your body is your greatest good. Do not make him suffer from too much hunger. We are against eating disorder but are familiar with the industries’ requirements. That’s why we suggest you to find a good compromise between staying in shape and suffer from hunger.


Spread the word. Model Booking must be fair.