Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I have to apply?

We developed a platform for industry professionals. Whoever wants to book models needs to have a background in the industry (e.g. as a photographer, designer or creative director). We will check your Instagram or website.

How much does it cost?

There are no costs until a booking is made. Registration and usage is free. After a successful booking is made, we’ll charge a small fee of 10% of the model rate, whichever is lower than the industries’ average.

How can I book models?

You can add models to your Favorites page. After that, click on “booking request” and fill out that form. We will check availability for you. 

What kind of models do you have?

You’ll find the perfect model for every project. We offer experts in the areas of video, high fashion, commercial, catwalk and more categories. We only list professional models on MMOODDEELL. You won’t find amateur or real people.

Who can book models?

Anybody with a professional background can book models. This includes ad agencies, brands, media agencies, design agencies, photographers, stylists, hair and make-up artists, producers, stores, …

How does payment work?

You’ll receive an invoice from us after the shooting.

What happens if a models can last-minute?

If the model cancels last-minute due to illness or other reasons, we will find alternative asap for you. Not enough? You can also ask for backup models. These models would receive a small payment in exchange. If your booked model cancels, you can easily activate your backup.

Where are the models from? We want to offer a global selection of models. Currently we focus on Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


What costs are involved in using MMOODDEELL?

Using MMOODDEELL is free of charge. Once you get booked, we charge 10% of the payrate (incl. buyouts, excl. travel fee).

How does my application work?

Simply apply with Instagram and we do the rest. We’ll check your Instagram or website and images attached to your application.

What is important for my application?

We check your professional background. We’re only listing professional models but are already working on a solution for newcomer.

I don’t have an Instagram. Can I still apply?

Yes, but we suggest you to apply with Instagram if possible. Then you’ll get an Instagram sedcard. However, you can apply with a website and images instead.

How long does it take until my application is reviewed?

We check applications actively. If you have not heard it after 3 days, please contact us.

Who can view my profile?

Your profile is public, but only verified clients can contact you.

How does a job request work?

For now, we will contact you by text or e-mail after a client sends you a booking request. You’ll receive information about the job, date, location, buy-outs and pay rate. You can decide on your own if you want to accept the job or not.

Why direct booking online?

Getting modeling jobs online has various advantages. You’re in direct contact with clients, don’t pay commission and you have zero hustle. Every job request is checked by us so you do not have to worry.

What if I’m signed with a modeling agency?

We are happy if you’re signed at an agency. We are an additional partner for your career as a model. We are not competing against your agency, but we provide a modern model booking.

When do I get my money?

We take care of the payment. That means: No more writing invoices. no paperwork. You are the model, not the banker. Typically, you will receive payment within 14 days after the job.

You still have questions?

We’re happy to explain you everything by phone, text message or e-mail.