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In our daily work with our models we found out that female models attract more followers than male models do. Why is that? Is it only because of the sex? First we observed this phenomenon on a much broader scale. Meaning we are accumulating data from international and prominent models. Global models have approximately the same social size in terms of exposure and reachability.
Comparing the TOP 50 FEMALE MODELS to the TOP 50 MALE MODELS we find an even greater gap (source:, date: May 5th 2017). See the data below. The 10 most popular female models accumulate 190M followers, whereas male models attract only a fraction of 5M followers. This is unbelievable!! Okay, let’s cut Kendall Jenner with her 117M followers as she is a celebrity and has some extra powers 😉 – however even if we sum up No.2 -No.11 female models, they reach over 70M followers. Compared to a mere 5M following male models. Again this gap can not be explained with a male dominant society who like bikini beauties… (in fact, internet and social media users are NOT male dominated!)
So why the heck do female models gain much more social followers and thus have a greater market value?
Idea No. 1: Men follow female models because they feel attracted by them AND women follow female models because they are looking for inspiration in body, pose, style, fashion and beauty.
Idea No. 2: Female models are targeting a much wider market. Female models do lifestyle, fashion AND beauty.
Idea No. 3: Women are just better in conversation and self expression 🙂 this is also true on social media. Maybe they simply have a better feeling for the relationships with their followers.
Idea No.4: Men who “need to use social media to demonstrate their strength and self-esteem” are generally perceived ‘weaker’ than real gentlemen who just have the balls without collecting followers. On the other hand, women are perceived much stronger if they post private moments and demonstrate their self-esteem and beautiful bodies. Leading to more followers…
Do you have any other explanations or myths?
Mail us. We are looking forward to your input.

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