We have interviewed Tom Migné for our today´s Spotlight. This multitalented french male model and artist reveals us the various facets of his personality and explains us the importance of versatility in an artist´s career.


Hello Tom! Can you tell us when and how your career as a model began?

I´ve been spotted by agencies when I was 17, but I was not tall enough at that time (1,80m) to be taken. Three years later, I´ve been spotted again and I started working in an agency at the age of 20. That’s how my career as a model began.

Your job as a model is only one among others. Can you tell us more about your other occupations? Do you feel more like a sportsman, a model, an actor?


In addition to my job as a model I am indeed a dancer, an acrobat and an actor.

However, I don´t consider myself as a sportsman. Dance is an art just like acrobatics in my eyes; Although the energy expenditure during its practice can allow us to associate it with a sport …

A sportsman impresses, while an artist gives the spectators a scare, he strives to move him with the beauty of his art. This is very different.


Even if these activities are very different form each other, one can notice some similarities such as the artistic side. Does an artist nowadays need to be multitalented and to show versatility?


Yes, I think an artist must show versatility, at least if he or she wants to be able to work everywhere. That is already the case in London and in New York, where artists are singing, dancing and acting. This is not yet the case in France, even if it is a trend that is beginning to settle… It is also this versatility that makes the diversity of my performances.

Which of these activities would you like to focus on in the future? How would you like your career to evolve?


I´ve been asked many times this question, which I find very difficult to answer. I like what I do and the way I do it, so I keep doing it for now and I will see what the future holds.


Do you have role models, persons who inspire you? Where do you draw creativity from?


I don´t have any idol strictly speaking. My role models are people who are close to me. Among them is William Alberi, my master. He took me under his wing when I was young and trained me in all these domains, be it in dance, acrobatics or martial arts … I also have the chance to have people behind me, including my parents who also belong the artistic community. I think that I draw my creativity from this love.


If I´m not mistaken, you worked much more in the fashion field than in the commercial field. Is it a choice?


Yes, it is true that I worked more in the fashion field. I understood over time that I had an atypical profile (I did not especially notice that at the beginning!), and this is precisely that kind of profile that is sought after in fashion, in haute couture..


Therefore, it is more difficult for me to work as a commercial model. People may not be able to identify with atypical people.


However, the fact that I am also a dancer brought me to the commercial field. This is pleasant for me because I am a very cheerful person and when I work as a commercial model I have the opportunity to express myself, to smile etc …


Are there any projects you would like to be involved in?


I would like to travel with my job, to be able to perform in various countries, for different cultures. Why not teach my art in other so-called “disadvantaged” countries?

One of your biggest dream?


I think I already realized it, because I get up every morning being happy to go to work. I live of my passion, I live my dream everyday. I am well aware that not everyone has this chance. I do not like to say I’m lucky, because it’s a factor we do not control. It takes a lot of hard work, and I’ve been working hard to get there.

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